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The Professional Pathways Planner is a 12-month goal setting and time management system to help you determine what goals matter most and how to break down those goals each term, week, and day until complete. With focus and this planning system, you can thrive as you manage all the demands of academia and career preparation. 

The free Weekly Planning Toolkit includes these printable pages from the Professional Pathways Planner:

  • My Action Plan: What top projects will you focus on this term? Use this planner page to set your goals.
  • My Weekly Dashboard: What will you do this week to chip away at your semester goals? Use this planner page to focus your week.
  • My Weekly Schedule: How will you manage routine tasks while making progress on your top semester goals? Plot out your daily routines and priority tasks on this planner page.
  • My Mentor Network: Who will help me accomplish my study, research, and career goals? This planner page will help you create a strategy for cultivating the relationships that matter most.

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